Connor Scher lives in Portland, OR and Anchorage, AK and studies Architecture at Portland State University. Mr Scher graduated from Montana State University in 2016 with a B. A. in Environmental Design. In addition, Mr Scher was the principal trumpet in the MSU Wind Symphony and played trumpet with the MSU Symphony Orchestra. Mr Scher is in his first year at PSU and will graduate in June 2018.

Mr Scher has spent two Summers as an Architectural Intern in Anchorage, AK. He now works with the Municipality of Anchorage Planning Department on the MOA Historic Preservation Plan.

Mr Scher graduated from East Anchorage High School in Alaska in 2012. He had lived since his birth in Anchorage and left the State to pursue a degree in Architecture. When he completes the Masters of Architecture, Mr Scher will return to Alaska to practice the art.


Mr Scher developed pseudonyms for his creative endeavors. For the designs and creations for the School of Architecture, he uses Ċoncoḃar William Ṙer, or simply Ċ. Wm Ṙer.


Mr Scher created claroscuro to unify his creative endeavors. Please visit at www.claro-scuro.com

Contact at cscher@pdx.edu

anchorage architecture blog:


This blog will discuss, critique, and promote architecture in our beloved city. I hope that it encourages conversation and engagement between professionals and residents. I welcome comments with thoughts on buildings and other things architectural, and hope readers will suggest subjects for future posts. Additionally, readers can submit their own pieces.

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