Let's talk about architecture, Anchorage. This blog will discuss, critique, and promote architecture in our beloved city. I hope that it encourages conversation and engagement between professionals and residents. I welcome comments with thoughts on buildings and other things architectural, and hope readers will suggest subjects for future posts. Additionally, readers can submit their own pieces.

Anchorage is a special city on the edge of civilization. Although it grew rapidly in the 1980s, the city still maintains a frontier æsthetic. Residents are friendly and the collective pride in and of Anchorage is strong.

A new generation, born and raised in the shadow of the Chugach, is returning to live, work, and play. Older generations love the city they helped build. We do not need to import architecture anymore. Let us design a city in which we all want to live.

I am Connor Scher, East Anchorage High School class of 2012, but go by many names. Whatever you chose to call me, Connor, Ċoncoḃar, Connocello, or simply Con, I thought I might explain myself. I graduated in 2016 from Montana State University with a B.A. in Environmental Design (for all intensive purposes, architecture), and am pursuing a Master's of Architecture at Portland State University. I enjoy architecture and architectural criticism, but am absolutely devoted to Anchorage. I have lived here all my life.

I hope to post twice a week, though that may be over-ambitious. Nevertheless, I hope this blog is constructive, fun, and informative. Thursday, expect something on theaters—yes, that theater.

Keep the faith and good night, my loves.

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